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Since KidsKonnect first went up on the Internet in May of 2000,
we have received thousands of emails and letters thanking us for its creation. 
As new emails are sent, we'd like to share them with you. 
We are very grateful for all the kudos and well-wishes that arrive.   
Please take a few minutes to enjoy the thoughts and comments of our users.

Jan Belzer - Creator - 


May 23, 2010

Jan, Thank you so much for making this web site. My kids love this site, and we learned
a lot about Califorina and other states. Thanks again! Ally

May 6, 2010
Hi Jan,
I just found your website after searching on Google for kids games. Ever since
discovering the site and the games they have, my kids have been
asking me day and night about other games sites - so I'm glad I found yours! Thanks
for such a good resource - it's not easy finding kid friendly sites like yours, I
greatly appreciate your work!

Grateful Mom,
March 30, 2010
I am currently teaching a World History class offered through Texas
Virtural Schools based at the  Region 4 Educational Service Center in
Texas.  The course is offered online to high school students using the
 Blackboard online class format. We are required to meet all curriculum
 standards set by the Texas Education Agency.   The class is password
 protected and only students enrolled have access to course materials.  In
 this course we spend a great deal of time studying ancient civilizations.

The resources provided by the KidsKonnect
 regarding ancient civilizations is
outstanding and would enhance the Internet-based research many of my
student conduct while completing assignments in the World History course.
I am seeking permission to post a link to this website within my online
course.  Minnesota State Univeristy Mankato and the website will be given
 create for the link and students will use the appropriate citations when
using your material for class papers or projects.

Thank you for considering this request.

History Teacher
I have a daughter in 4th grade and in a new school for the first time.  If it was
NOT for this site I would not be able to find supelmental material to teach her in a
way that she can remember facts and make it fun at the same time.
Hi Ms. Belzer,
I am the mother of students from Willow Bend.  I have been
teaching for the past ten years and have spread the great news of to everyone I meet.  It is truly a great resource - one I use all the
time.  You have certainly changed the site in the last year - Hope you are enjoying
your retirement - I am sure Willow Bend misses you!
Thanks again for all you have done to help teachers like me.

I just wanted to thank you for all of your work.We now use your page for our start pages in all of our elementary  schools
here at Lakeshore Public Schools in Stevensville, Michigan!We used to use Yahooligans ... but your page is much better.
Hi Jan,

I was looking for information to help my daughter with her Ancient Civilization
Project, and I came across this site, it is an excellent site for young children.

There are tremendous amount  information, that I couldn't find on other sites.

Thank you for your help, I found the information I am looking to help help her with
this project.

God Bless.


Great website with information on fire safety.

I've been looking for resources on fire safety for kids, as I am helping my son with
his Cub Scout project.
Have a great summer!
- Sarah

Dear webmaster,

I consider myself an Internet researcher. I look for information on whatever
interests me and your page has helped me learn something new by giving me great
resource. Thank you.
The link you also put on your page to an online unit converter was something new for
me as well:
I followed it and ended up looking for some other ones as well.
As a thank you, I wanted to suggest a link to another, perhaps easier to use, unit
I like it because it is easy to use. Perhaps you will find value in this suggestion.
Thank you again,