Tuesday, January 27, 2015
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Welcome to KidsKonnect.com.


Brief History:

KidsKonnect.com was developed by an elementary education Learning Center/ Media Director 15 years ago. The school she was teaching at was a model technology school for a large school district in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.


Target Market:

Our main viewers are teachers, students, and parents who utilize KidsKonnect at school and at home.


We are viewed by school districts in every US state and are widely viewed
in Canada, Australia, England, plus 25 other countries.



We receive 300,000 unique visitors each month, that generate 450,000 visits (returning users), with an average of 2,040,000 pages viewed monthly and 10.4 pages per visit. Keeping in mind that all of the users from a school district are generally viewed as one unique visitor.


Each visitor spends an average of 4.2 minutes per visit. Over 56.6% of our viewers have a direct address, bookmark or link in email set to some page on KidsKonnect.com. 

100 of our topical pages, out a total of 460 that we have on our site show up on page 1,2,3 when searching in Google.


Source: awstats, average for 2012