Monday, September 15, 2014
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a hat
a apron
a(ah) father
-a China
-able lovable
a-e tape
-age courage
ai rain
air fair
al- almost
-al comical
all ball
ance entrance
ang sang
ar cart
are beware
ation imagination
au applaud
augh caught
augh laugh
aw yawn
ay day
b big
b (silent) comb
bb rubbed
c cat
cc accustomed
cce accept
ce face
cei receive
ch church
ch echo
ch chic
ck back
ci circle
cial special
cious spacious
cy cycle
cy fancy
d dot
dge badge
e bet
e be
e (silent) plane
e they
ea bread
ea sea
ea great
ear dear
ed patted
ed rubbed
ed hopped
ee cheese
e-e Japanese
eer deer
ei height
ei receive
ei reindeer
eir their
el camel
en even
eo people
ence difference
er after
er merchant
ere here
es buses
est bravest
ew new
ey honey
ey obey

f fit 
ff different 
ful grateful
full full
g goal
gh eight
gh laugh
gh ghost
ge gentle
gi giant
gn sign
gy energy
h hi
i it
i idea
ible horrible
idge bridge
ige vestige
ie fried
ie believe
ie variety
i-e five
ied tried
ier funnier
iest loveliest
ies flies
ies stories
igh high
ing bring
ious hilarious
ir birthday
ire inspire
ist list
j jam
k kiss
ke joke
key key
kn known
l let
le puzzle
less meaningless
ley valley
ll bell
lk chalk
ly rapidly
m mug
mb climb
mn mnemonic
n new
ness shyness
ney money
ng singing
nk think
o on
o go
o brother
o do
oa coach
oar board
oe goes
oe does
oe shoe
o-e joke
oi voice
ong song
oo soon
oo book
oor indoors
or story
ore boredom
ou noun

ou you
ou country
ough enough
ough though
ough through
ough cough
ough thought
ough bough
our hour
our favour
ous humorous
ow vowel
ow unknown
oy enjoy
p popular
ph alphabet
pn pneumonia
ps psychology
qu quickly
que unique
que question
r reading
rh rhino
rk homework
rr irregular
s safely
's boy's, it's
s' boys'
se verse
se these
sh shining
sion revision
sion tension
ssion expression
ss class
str strong
t top
tch pitch
th thus
th think
tion repetition
tious ambitious
tial initial
ture literature
u fun, put
u music
ue Tuesday
u-e volume
ui nuisance
ull full
ung lungs
ur purpose
v vocal
ve love
w wise
wa want
war warning
wor wordless
wh whisper
wh whole
wr written
x exit
x xylophone
y yet
-y funny
-y reply
-y- style
-y- rhythm
y -> i funniest
z zip
zz buzz