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Washington, Booker T.

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Date of Birth
April 5, 1856

Date of Death
November 14, 1915

Place of Birth
Hales’s Ford, Virginia

Birth Family
Father was an unknown white plantation owner. 
His mother, Jane was an enslaved black woman.

Washington was married three times.
First he was married to Fannie N. Smith.
After Fannie died he met and married Olivia A. Davidson.
After Olivia died, he married Margaret James Murray.

Booker had three children: Portia M. Washington with his first wife;
two sons with his second wife, Booker T. Washington, Jr. and Ernest Davidson Washington.
There were no children from his third marriage.

Booker’s mother was a major influence on his schooling.
She enrolled him in an elementary school, where Booker took the last name of Washington
because he found out that other children had more than one name.
Washington enrolled at the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institue.
He later attended the Wayland Seminary.

American political leader, educator, orator and author 

Reason for Fame
Washington was the dominant figure in the African American
community in the United States from 1890 to 1915.

Additional Information
Booker returned to teach at Hampton and later became the first 
principal at Tuskegee Institute.


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